Tuesday, January 3, 2017


The self-esteem of a person who does not have white skin has already been devastated since childhood in school. To be invited to be a couple at the school party? The Queen of the party? The main character of the school theaters? The prettiest room in those boys' sexist lists? Owner of teams in gymkhana? The children (Sons) of the most successful characters on television? And in adulthood in dozens of job interviews? The stereotype chosen was never mine, I never had the right profile for these social places.

Being a woman and a black woman in Brazil is a suffering from childhood. People's performance and motivation are directly linked to the stereotypes they are attached to. And I did not see myself represented in the socially constructed stereotypes to be admired as beautiful, beautiful. Brazilian society has been educated since 1500 to admire the European pattern, the blond, the smooth, the light-eyed, and I obviously did not fit into any of these patterns.

As time went on and I entered adolescence, I was observing that the behavior of a society as a whole was a Brazil that only had space of prominence for those who looked like European. Teenage boys in their socio-cultural construction of beauty ideal were only interested in light-skinned girls, even black teenagers wanted a relationship with a fair-skinned girl, for they were considered beautiful and respectable. The notion I have always had is that to favor a group or a class of people, it is necessary to devalue and harass those who do not fit into this group. The notion of stereotype and prejudice appears from a very early age in the human being AND ALL SOCIETY from a very early age the human being submits to a imposed standard and devalues ​​everything that does not follow this pattern. The taste is built under the standards of a society of structured racism and European-centred standards. At 517 years in Brazil, the black people is not accustomed to hearing that he is handsome and the mind already automatically conditions that white, of course, even if it is not, be praised, exalted.