Friday, December 23, 2016

What is my legacy?

     Legacy is the only thing we left alive on Earth after our death. I believe that legacy is all the pillars that support your opinion, supporting your ideas, supporting your attitudes. Legacy is the difference that makes in the people who lives around you, to improve and as in so many examples also adversely affect the life. The idea of legacy made me reflect that goes beyond the prejudice that I suffer, goes beyond trying to harm me, I reacted and produced before it and how much it has changed people's lives for the better.

    I keep a legacy alive by martial art I practice, but to me it's still little, my personal legacy goes far beyond what martial art I practice, goes way beyond Championships and medals, but the human being who I became and I take him to the people. What I am/I think when nobody's around, how I need to get closer to the truth that I am, or in the case of some people, put a mask of who you really are, to live in society.

     Be faithful and true to yourself and to others and use your time to improve its capabilities and use any time to judge, humiliate or criticize others. Barely know who we are, much less the story much less the personal battles of anyone. If purge of such false judges, they are the most negative part of your life, pollute your mind with its own poison. These false judges already have limited life and stagnant and try at all costs to limit the life around them. Seek and build your own legacy and not let the opinion of others interfere with absolutely nothing.