Thursday, December 22, 2016

The formation of the character of a nation

The formation of the character of a nation

         I have a very simple and superficial study of facts about formation of consciousness and character in the two largest countries of America, the then colonized new world, new continent. The way these two countries have led the way of thinking, reasoning and then reacting, as their attitudes that were forming a natural social behavior, forming a natural awareness of each of the two nations. Having lived for two years in American lands I have had the experience, which by far is not the same as a Brazilian tourist (who comes here for a week or two and spends most of these precious hours here shopping). I want to compare only two basic facts that have influenced the basic mental programming of a human of any social level in each country. Religion and riches.

        In religion, the peoples who colonized the United States had a religious motto: "Everyone in the United States can practice whatever religion they wish," while in Brazil there were basically three different peoples (the European colonizer, the Native Black coming enslaved) ~ from three different origins, different beliefs and different systems, different religious doctrines: the African from the slaves, the catholic coming from the colonizing white man and the religion of the native Indians that in Brazil inhabited ... And the behavior at the time Of the discovery was that the white man was the new owner of the land, so his religion was the only one that could be practiced here and for that he took the following actions: to decimate the Indians and to catechize the Indians who remained alive, to impose Catholicism Obligatorily, making them renounce their religion of origin and demonize the African cults and rites since the discovery. Christianity was installed with violence, hatred and murder.

     The riches that the United States had, were exploited and used in the country, I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and here was an important steel basin that was used to build, among other things, bridges, railroads and the structure of skyscrapers Of the largest cities in the area, including Manhattan, New York. Contributing thus to progress and evolution, the United States did not have its riches looted. Meanwhile in Brazil, Portugal was plundering all gold, precious stones, precious metals, Brazil wood, noble woods, taking all the natural wealth of the country, I speak of the year 1500, but it seems that I speak of today, some day since the discovery of the Has this robbery had any truce? Human behavior, the collective consciousness is something that perpetuates itself and perpetuates itself. Generations tend to reproduce what their ancestors thought soon acted, they soon did.

         I see religion and wealth as two of the thousands of ingredients in a cake recipe, two of the largest and youngest countries in the world, two countries larger than many continents with giant natural and economic power, were "discovered" and colonized at the same time, Has the same age, one is one of the most powerful powers in the world, very different results. Brazil after 500 years of discovery is one of the most corrupt, unjust, racist, low educational, educational, ignorant, ill-informed, ill-educated, illiterate adults and alarming indexes. Of the planet.

             The point I want to get with this text is that the ingredients of character formation of one and both peoples were different and in turn generated different results, I could cite other factors but I did not need to mention more than how they behaved at the time of the Formation of their nations. In the questions religion and natural wealth I cite the different behaviors and I put myself to think ... The United States allowed all immigrants who came to practice their own religion, while at the same time Brazil, in the question religion and freedom to worship respecting The origins of the people here formed behaved with racism, hateful practice, demonization, violence, bullying, prejudice, murder, only for the imposition of a European religious standard such as absolute truth, death, black genocide, slavery, thefts , Sacked all wealth and taken to Portugal, the United States behaved, but enslaved, for less time, BRAZIL WAS THE COUNTRY THAT SLAVE BLACK FOR MORE TIME ON THE PLANET, ALMOST 400 YEARS.

           I conclude that in the case of riches they used everything that was natural and they use until today for their own benefit and of economic and financial progress. In the questions religion and natural wealth I see more violence, hate, lack of humanity and character in Brazil, that is why I did not mention other aspects. I speak of a past, colonization but behavior of populations perpetuate these values, this way of reasoning and behaving, and the following generations reproduce these values in a Cartesian way. I do not absorb racism, nor hatred nor American violence, but it is clearly visible that Brazil does not provide the basics for its people to live with dignity. The United States provides the basics with an education, health, culture, opportunity, and these basic survival factors one offers and the other not, have been "planted" and watered in different ways in both their early days of existence.