Monday, December 19, 2016

Reflecting racism in Brazil ...

Reflecting racism in Brazil ... Fact that happened to me: ... A friend years after my forced return from England to Brazil came to comment that her then boyfriend asked her the following question: "Now you can walk with that little girl?" My own reflection ... Not only that fact but many of the other racist, biased guys have disregarded me, they rejected me because of my race / color / appearance. Throughout my life, I walked practically alone, independently, having to work to support myself and fulfill my goals and my desires, because I did not have the "right color" to be a girlfriend / bride / wife in the Brazilian environment that I lived. It taught me to be extremely independent, not to become a man's parasite, like many women I know. Today I see that if you do not overcome racism it paralyzes you, you become stagnant, demoted, contented with crumbs. I learned to walk alone, I lived in the largest capitals of Brazil with my own money, I lived in England with my own money, I came to live in the United States with my own money, I travel all over the United States with my own money. Today I reflect that the exclusions and rejections of these mediocre people have saved me from them. Poor and miserable is the woman who decides to share life with a guy who is racist and prejudiced. She is even poorer when she becomes parasitic and dependent on him. If instead of being rejected and rejected I had had the "right" race / color / appearance and served to date / marry / marry one of those mediocre faux racist bourgeois I would have to live UNDER their conditions, I would have to SUBMIT to them in view that in addition to being racist society is extremely #machist and I would have to give up myself as I see friends who were "chosen" lamenting.

Being rejected has made me independent, I learned to walk with my own legs and go exactly where I want, I stood alone, I do not know what it is to be a parasite of no man. Having made me choose to go where I want to go, made me buy exactly what I want to buy, made me travel exactly where I wanted to travel, made me discover what I love to do and do in one of the best school in the world, Paid the monthly fee as I always paid, the difference is that I am not insulted or defamed. The rejections saved me from a delay in life, from a mental retardation, to living in a bubble because I had to explore the world to understand how small and mediocre those people are. How could I love a creature that selects by the color of the skin, I believe that love comes from admiration and I only love what I admire. I wonder what women who were "chosen" should pass in the hands of these guys. I did not have to submit to any of them, I did not have to accept any conditions imposed by them, much less accept and have to live with people of limited, backward and prejudiced view. My color / race / appearance saved me from so many small and mediocre people. Poor of those who have to live with one of these 24 hours a day. The rejection that one day destroyed my self esteem today I see that it was an impulse for the woman does not submit and neither depreciates to anything and nobody that I have become.

( English is not my first language, I used google translate, my english is not 100% correct , I know and I'll work in this articles better with more atenction, if you want help me with this corrections, I'll be glad to receive your help my email is )