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... more reflections on Brazilian racism ...

... more reflections on Brazilian racism ...
Starring: Praia da Costa, Vila Velha / ES
Social Distribution and (Well-Favored) Standards of Acceptance of Praia da Costa:
Praia da Costa is a beach on the coast of Espírito Santo in a town in the interior of Espirito Santo state, I know, many of you do not know where it is. I got there to live (and be insulted) at the age of 16, my parents bought an apartment at the cost of a lot of honest work, by the way, on that beach and they lived there and they are still there today.
Yes, people who think me suburban / peripheral because of my color / appearance, I grew / was raised, overlooking the sea. Accept it. After living 2 years in the suburb, Bairro da Gloria, a suburb of Vila Velha where the boy chocolates factory is located, I was not accepted by any means there at Praia da Costa because I could not meet the prerequisites, today More than 22 years that my parents moved there, I managed to draw a logic of acceptance and imposed standard after 22 years of experiences and rejections there, for everything I saw and lived ... I will show my logic here, follow the prerequisites :
1 - If you are light-skinned, you may be poor, fucked with money, but you are likely to be accepted. If you have clear eyes your chances increase.
2- If you are a woman and have very clear skin, and paint your hair yellow, you do not need clear eyes or character, you will be accepted there and elsewhere in the state. This is for school, business or religion.
3- If you are female you have fair skin and want a good job you will have. The black women I know with higher education have not been able to get more than one counter. So if you have clear skin and lighten your hair increase your chances of promotion. And at work you do not even have to be competent, let alone a cultured and intelligent woman, and you will be promoted very quickly to a managerial position, your employer will not hire you because you fill the requisite capacities for the post, but because he wants to eat you .
4- If you have a little more melanin in your skin, you can be accepted as long as your family has money, prestige, something to offer or a traditional surname. "Traditional surnames" there generate automatic acceptance.
5 - If you are black, you are obliged to have (and much!) Money to be accepted there. And do not relate to black, even black you need a girlfriend / bride / wife with clear skin to be accepted. The blacks I saw on Praia da Costa are related to women with extremely fair skin.

6 - If you are black, I do not remember seeing many blacks there in those 22 years as residents, who were not maids, or employees of commercial establishments that are located there, but come on, if you are black, it is Better you and your family have a lot but a lot of money and you are strictly forced to hide the traits of your blackness, yes prepare yourself for the toxic chemistry of hair straighteners for you at least if you happen to light brunette hair straightened, Even then you will not be much accepted, the guys will even want to eat you, but they will hardly take over, because you "look like the maids" there.
7- If you have a little more melanin in the skin and some guy there accept to take over, it's because your family has a lot of money, and you knew how to hide your blackness. His natural features were well camouflaged.
8- If you have a lot of money, you better have this money, showing the luxury of the condominium or home that you live offering parties and barbecues, the expensive school, or company that you or your family has.
9- If you have beach house in meaipe, no matter your color, you will be loved by all.
10- If you do not have the "right" race / appearance / color in that place, it's best if someone in your family has a prominent business or political position, or in some other area, and is very successful then you I accept.
11- If you do not have a race / color / appearance / money and yet your parents struggle to keep you in good and expensive schools for you to at least have a good education, care, they are frequented by the beach population of the coast, rarely , They will have respect for you, prepare yourself, they will make your life a hell, as was my case. Get ready for bullying and racism. Respect for the neighbor is something they have not learned yet. There it is directly linked to skin color and financial condition. It is not a right for everyone.
Post 9 and Curve of the Mermaid and its Social Geography:
Praia da Costa, on the beach, in the same sand, is divided into SOCIAL PLACES according to its color and social layer.
If you live in Praia da Costa and have the prerequisites mentioned above to be accepted, then you should go to post 9, (yes in HOMAGE to station 9 in Rio, but it has absolutely nothing to do with station 9 in Rio since Capixaba has a caricoca, and tries to copy as much as possible). Rank 9 is neither black nor poor. If you are a woman, you should have straight hair or make a brush (hi? Brush to go to the beach ?!), be with your body in shape, clothes of marks there are obligatory, clear skin, blacks are minority by the , Were accepted for some INTERESTING reason to them, but although blacks are TOLERATED in Post 9, they are rarely respected.
If you are black / black and / or poor, or are out of shape and live in the suburbs or suburbs of Vila Velha, your place to go to Praia da Costa is the Curve of the Mermaid. If you "look" more like the population on the beach at the mermaid's bend and want to go to the 9th place, you will be overwhelmed / oppressed and morally attacked.
Oppression is a very common thing there, either by your race / color / appearance or amount of money that you DO NOT have in the wallet.
Progressive brush there is bush, the smoother, more accepted.
If you liked this text, short, comment and share it and enrich it with photos of the curve of the seria and the "post 9 capixaba" on a full beach day for the world to see and understand better how that society is mediocre, racist and oppressive .
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