Monday, December 19, 2016

Letter to all children and adolescents, adults also, who suffer / suffered from bullying

Letter to all children and adolescents, adults also, who suffer / suffered from #bullying

Most people who do not suffer bullying is not what you are looking for? , Other people watch the scene of the aggressor, do not get involved, not sure to defend a serious minority a good idea, there are also the aggressors who laugh and contrangem the victory before all.
This scene, all participants or as a victim, either as aggressor or as spectator, audience, audience. Your personality and appearance are characterized by your group.
Advice that is nowhere to be seen by a victim. I know, live and feel what it is to be in this place. As a child I was read by Brazilian society as an ugly child. [What puzzles me the most is that in England and there I am a list of English as a beautiful woman, now I live in the USA and is still read as a beautiful woman, what is wrong with Brazil? # Seraqueeéracismo?] [ #racism ]
In Brazil, in the 80's I was always read as an ugly child. The kids were always ruthless to anyone who did not look like the standard. I remember that I never saw any dolls, they were all blue-eyed blondes, I was 'the wrong one, the ugly one'. The TV show hosts did not look like me, I did not deserve the slightest respect for my appearance and I did not have it.
If for some reason you are being bullied and embarrassed somewhere in the world, I have a few things to tell you: this is or has already been the worst embarrassment situation you will experience in your life. The truth is that you will get out of this, that one hour will pass, the scenarios change at all times and you automatically become stronger than everyone else. This is called the ability to transcend, to be reborn from the ashes itself [myth of the phoenix, mythological bird that dies in self-combustion to be reborn from the ashes themselves]
The way is Love, maximum love, for yourself, then love for your neighbor, often this neighbor or even deserving so much love, but still respect.
Give respect back to the world. Think out of the box. Take a deep breath, count to three and do not press yourself into the relentless pursuit of a group that really loves you and accepts you as you are. Do not admit, do not give space in your life to people who want to diminish you, you are going through a traumatic experience that will generate sequels for the rest of your life, it is up to you to use this traumatic experience in your favor, yes use those sequels in a way Smart, you will certainly live longer out of your comfort zone while most live trapped in patterns, in their limited boxes, take advantage of this lack of comfort zone and risk things that really make your heart beat, most will not have the courage to Do this and it will work for money and accounts, you will be more free to create your own story. While you will acquire maturity and emotional intelligence capable of giving you a certain wisdom throughout your life, but you will only come to this wisdom as you cross the barriers of suffering, hurt, self-acceptance, and much, much love and admiration for yourself.
There, it is more than certain that you will be more creative, learn things more easily and have an incredible ability to solve problems.
And you who now must be wondering about sorrows, how to solve sorrows, I tell you that suffering is allowed by yourself, it took me years to understand this and today it starts to make a lot of sense. Those are the ones you need to say. You are not obligated to accept people who make you suffer in your life. Avoid, but look for better ones, look for honest people who have always treated you by their name, or internationally since respect is not seen anywhere in Brazil to inspire.
It is the cleanness of what adds nothing to you internally and externally. Seek your place in the world, never submit, never accept to live under oppression and no repression. You will be more prone to happiness. Never lower your head for any kind of injustice.
Exhibition?!? One of the biggest challenges of the shy, often cowardly human being, you will not have to face this challenge, you have been exposed in the worst possible way and from a very young age, you have already been humiliated, do not be surprised if your Television, fashion, theater, music, journalism you will continue to want to be exposed but artistically, scientifically, exposed by the things you love to do, you are definitely bound to love doing something, the sense of popularity and spotlight will haunt you wherever You pass will be your karma. Popularity with respect and admiration for what you are and does is another type of feeling and you also have great chances of experiencing it.
Believe in yourself, try to practice your greatest talent, what you love to do in life, people will start to respect you when you excel at something you love to do, in my case it was to stay in jiu jitsu, it was a therapy for myself Having suffered bullying up there. Start thinking about yourself, preserve your essence but always with the intention of becoming a better human being, never conform to routine, today always has to be better than yesterday. An emotionally intelligent person will be more successful in life once their focus is on themselves.
In the excerpt from Fique Forte, #NickVujicic reports:
"Maybe a bully has caused you to be low, tall, too skinny or different in some other way. I have learned that things that make us different may be the most valuable things in our life. Being criticized or excluded is painful. But experiencing this pain can make you a more compassionate, fraternal, understanding, and grateful person.
Be happy.


( English is not my first language, I used google translate, then my english is not 100% correct , I know and I'll work in this articles better with more atenction, if you want help me with this corrections, I'll be glad to receive your help my email is )