Monday, December 19, 2016

Jiu Jitsu as a philosophy of life

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the most modern martial art, intelligent and efficient and that fits all and qualuqer person's age, weight, physical limitation, size, in the end, jiu jitsu is a complete martial art where the practitioner learns to take the best decisions in absolute pressure moments.
The Brazilian jiu jitsu works the mind as a whole, to awaken the reflections of the body, awaken the logical reasoning, the awakening of the application of the levers and the laws of physics, angles and gears geomatricas with his whole body, are some of the benefits of who practices the gentle art.
The mental part crafted by jiu jitsu works as a cleaner and healthy and therapeutic antidepressant. The jiu jitsu relieves stress, cure depression, enhances self esteem and self confidence, and a great ally in the fight against bullying among children and adolescents, improves memory, the reasoning, causes self confidence, self perseverance, the discipline, motor co-ordination, assigns values ​​of friendship, respect for hierarchy, respect for the neighbor, respect for yourself.
Jiu jitsu is increasingly being practiced more by women and children and big business leaders seek the techniques and philosophy of jiu jitsu to improve physical and mental health of their employees thus improving the company's productivity. I offer training to companies applying the philosophy of jiu jitsu to improve the lives of people in a particular group.
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