Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It pays-off to be yourself

All of us have two choices in life, to be ourselves forever and to follow our own logic of morals and conduct, or to base ourselves on the limited view of others and to guide ourselves by them for other interests. In today's world, following your own instinct to be yourself, upholding your convictions, sustaining your own desires, visions, opinions is becoming increasingly difficult, arduous, expensive, and often miserable. Being ourselves depends on a series of external and internal factors and accepting ourselves is a complicated task and doing what the world accepts us, I tell you that it becomes a challenge almost impossible.
             The cause of this is that society dictates norms of pattern, form, color, behavior, interests, and anyone who shuns this rule is subject to not being respected for it. These norms compromise, enter conflicts many times with our own reason and logic to see and react to the world around us. Many times I personally had to build new scenarios, new stories, new characters for not meeting these standards, my scenery for many and many times became a horror film, or rather a real hell. I survived for more than 30 years in hells that the world and people around me caused in my routine because I did not fill in, not to frame, to transgress, to impose myself, to assume in various social spaces.

I was always treated differently by my parents, the neighborhood, the classroom, the church at the jiu jitsu academy in any other social media I tried to be part of, I did not feel accepted, a real part of the group. I never gave up being myself. A thousand reasons have made me self-depreciate even more, for if I received a depreciation, a degradation of the world I for a long time began to convey this depreciation to myself. We have a way of reacting to the world, an automatic instinct, rationalized by these rules ... a simple example, a theme that has been conflicting in people's minds: For a long time, and even today in a discreet, structured and veiled way , It was imposed that white is normal, it is beautiful and as the head of the human being works by logic, automatically to accept white as norm, standard of normality, the human being despises and rejects what is not white, which is not The normality pattern. The human being is not programmed, educated to admire African, Asian beauty, and so many other planetary races. The human head automatically rejects it, treats it with repugnance, treats it as ugly. So the project of shit in the society motherfucker does not come to say that 99% of your family and your neighborhood did not marry blacks, browns, Asians and that in his family there are almost no interracial marriages because of taste and opinion, for Which taste and opinion in being built / / MANIPULATED / GUIDE / CONSTANT ALIENATION for centuries for a racist media, racist logic, secretive, stupid ignorant and inhuman. Cruel barbarism perpetuates itself to this day, and I, having grown up in a place of such backward mentality, gave me the consciousness of seeing and living as a victim of this barbarism every day. No one needs an IF, a condition to be respected as a human being on earth. The civilized human being comes to be something utopian and in small places in the interior of Brazil I can see clearly how prejudice slows down and paralyzes the people and the place they live, and that progress is very difficult to reach.

              A place where you are accepted, where you are respected for being you just the way you are, is not something impossible or utopian, my dear land dweller of no one who feels rejected for being yourself by a small and mediocre society. Detach yourself, create courage, breathe new air, see the world in different versions, absorb different cultures, want novelties, prejudice and rejection is something you already have so do not be afraid to explore and explore the new, spend a vacation in A place you've never visited, notice what the behavior of the people in that place is like, notice how people from other places react to you being yourself. Look at the masks you need to put on the street and see if they really are needed.
A quotation from Einstein, who to me, who am an enthusiast of mathematics too, I see him as one of the greatest geniuses the planet had:
"... to make progress, make sure - first of all - that you're not really surrounded by idiots." (Albert Einstein)
[Dear readers, I have been allowed to write one text a day to practice and perfect my writing. I have received many positive messages from people who identify with my texts and I have discovered that I have the power to DESTRUCT and give preconceived preconceptions and standards, I feel very sorry, I will write yes and if you complain I write more! ]

( English is not my first language, I used google translate, then my english is not 100% correct , I know and I'll work in this articles better with more atenction, if you want help me with this corrections, I'll be glad to receive your help my email is alinepaes.arquitetura@gmail.com )