Wednesday, December 21, 2016

courage and scare of exposition

The exhibition [... of ridicule, ridicule and jokes ...]

                The society that exposes you to ridicule, incredible as it may seem, is the same one that condemns you for your self-exposition, I have received messages from people who admire my courage to expose myself by writing my texts ... I never had that choice of Exposing myself or not exposing myself, it was cowardly imposed on me that I had to suffer for the fun of other people. Exposure I've been suffering since I was a child, the coronelist, racist, and slave patterns have already put me in the limelight since I understood myself, at the age of four, it was already one of the darkest skins in kindergarten ... From a country Of structured racism, installed, veiled, so exposing myself always in a very barbaric, primitive and devastating way. So trying to destroy my self-esteem is not from now on. A childhood in the 80's, in a country of 80 and a few years after the signing of the Golden Law, a dead paper that utopically marked the end of slavery in Brazil. Being black in Brazil is a terrible thing, a destination of exclusion, many no and doors in the face, and social elevator and back door and you work here? For a lifetime ... Being a black woman in Brazil is then something more terrible. I saw, I heard, I felt, I had self-esteem destroyed from a very early age. I was exposed to ridicule early on. The courage to expose me comes from the freedom of exposing myself in the way that I think I can express myself through my art, whether in jiu jitsu, commercials, photographs, or writing my texts, I am expressing myself through my art , By my talent and I am not amusing myself at the expense of the suffering of others, I do not want to seem bigger by reducing other people, yes I, always exposed since childhood I continue exposing myself, and being exposed there, and in the middle to so many versions of hate , Repression, misogyny, racism, bullying, etc ... I myself decided to tell my story, NO MORE from the eyes of the OPRESSOR ~ (never will be!) ~ But from my own point of view, and analyst, and With thanks to God and my psychologist. I have already exposed myself too much, I had to live in hell for more than 2 decades of life, more than two decades of NOS AND REJECTIONS, I finally decided to expose myself in my own way.