Monday, December 19, 2016

A brief summary of my story ...

A brief summary of my story ... When I was 12 because of the transfer of work from my parents, I moved to a city in the interior of Brazil. There I grew up in a small neighborhood very #racista and I studied in schools, including of jiu jitsu, where I suffered #bullying and #racismo. I was insulted and humiliated every day. The blacks and mestizos that I always saw there were and continue to serve. They had no respect for me. According to them, if you do not have white skin and are not rich (in fact a bunch of poor stuck the beast because traveling around the world saw real riches in Dubai, Manhattan, Las Vegas, England ...) has no right to be respected. They called me ugly and things worse, every day, they destroyed my self-esteem and self-esteem. They kept telling me repeatedly that I would not be nobody and would not be successful in anything in my life. So I left that fucking mediocre place and dived headlong into the world. I needed to feel what it was to be accepted and for that I had to leave that place. I lived alone and independently at the expense of my own work without lying vaguely behind anybody's back, I lived and supported myself in several different cities, and also in different countries. I have learned new cultures, new languages, made friends all over the world, experienced incredible experiences that I will take with me for the rest of my life. So I was able to build my self-esteem and my own love and began to love and accept myself exactly as I am.

And today I love myself exactly as I am and I am very happy for the person I became, really I have never been nor do I want to be like the people of this place. I have known many parts of the world and many people of various cultures, races, different social levels and always respecting everyone and always respecting all differences and treating everyone the same way. I really do feel the reason for both discomfort and embarrassment, I was not and could never be like those people. I learned from childhood, too much children to live totally outside the comfort zone, because suffering #bullying and #racismo was never comfortable. Being embarrassed before all has never been comfortable, perhaps I have never lived in comfort zone since I understood myself by people and began to live in society. Maybe I still do not even know what comfort zone is. Today I feel mentally ready to fight for my dreams, and my dreams are the size of the world, never fit even in the mediocrity of that place of oppressive people. All the bad times made me stronger. Today I see how much that place is late I understand why. Racism and prejudice are mental delays and that place was and will always be unimpressive to the rest of the world. Always believe in yourself and you are able to do everything. #BELIEVE #RESPECT

( English is not my first language, I used google translate, my english is not 100% correct , I know and I'll work in this articles better with more atenction, if you want help me with this corrections, I'll be glad to receive your help my email is )